Do you unknowingly turn away opportunity?

can you buy neurontin online We all encounter circumstances that cause us to second guess ourselves, feel anxious, or think we are not good enough. Often, we assume that these feelings create a self-fulfilling prophecy: we will not accomplish our goals or be successful. However, it’s not these thoughts or feelings that cause us to fail – it’s the actions we take (or don’t take) that cause us problems!

rencontres femmes rurales site rencontre senior gratuit non payant Feeling anxiety, fear, and doubt makes us uneasy. These feelings can have physical effects that make us feel unwell and uncomfortable: racing heart, sweating, fidgeting, upset stomach, rapid breathing, etc. We often do whatever it takes to make those symptoms go away – we must change our situation so we no longer feel uncomfortable. That’s when we change course, steering ourselves away from the fear.

Site connexe As human beings, we unconsciously steer away from things when we feel fear. Fear is like a 6th sense that we use to protect us from physical harm. However, we have to be aware of our fear so we can consciously choose – avoid a situation that potentially puts us in harms way, or move ahead despite our fear. When our physical safety is actually at risk, we feel fear and instinctually back away – and that is a good thing!

On the other hand, when we are about to do something for the first time –something deeply meaningful, something that could start us on a new path, or anything that creates change in our lives — fear also rears it’s ugly head. We experience all the same symptoms, and we back down from situations that are not life threatening. It is at this time that we need to be aware of the choice we are making. These uncomfortable feelings are triggered because you are embarking on something important and potentially life changing, not because you are in danger!

Turn Fear Into Action

Imagine yourself standing at a fork a road. One fork is similar to the road you have already been travelling on. It’s comfortable, easy, and you know what to expect! Although there are hairpin turns, massive potholes, and blind spots that could kill, you are not nervous. In fact, it’s comfortable because it is familiar to you. You know when to slow down for the curves and where to avoid falling into the potholes.

The other fork is new and unknown – you have never traveled down it and you don’t know what to expect. Just a glance at this new road, and you become nervous and uneasy. What is it like to stand with this choice in front of you? The fork you take ultimately makes all the difference!

The next time you feel your heart beating fast and self-doubt creeping in, acknowledge that this might be a sign that you are on to something BIG! So, be brave, embrace those uncomfortable feelings and unsettling side effects. When you move out of your comfort zone like this, Change Is Possible! So, walk through your fear, catapult your confidence, and live an Extraordinary Life!

Suzanne HermusDo you unknowingly turn away opportunity?