10 Keys to Empowerment and Lasting Happiness

El Jadida I believe the power to take charge of our lives lies within us. Through my own journey, here is what I found to be the 10 keys to empowerment and lasting happiness:

http://thehistoryhacker.com/2013/06/ 1) No matter what has happened in your life, realize that everything about you matters. Own who you are and know that who you are makes a difference in the world.

Skara 2) Honor and trust your intuition.

3) Take responsibility for your thoughts by replacing negative ones with positive.

4) No one can dis-empower you unless you let them!

5) Ignite your creativity with any activity that fulfills you.

6) Stop blaming external forces for feeling bad. Don’t play the victim and martyr roles.

7) Embrace failure as a means of learning and growing.

8) Recognize your payoffs for being stuck.

9) Determine what you want and act on it.

10) Feel your fear and do it anyway!

Suzanne Hermus10 Keys to Empowerment and Lasting Happiness